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Founded in 1990, as the result of 25 years of previous business experience, ZINT is proud to be the Croatian and International Sales and Marketing arm for a variety of companies from Europe and Asia. While many traditional Agents and Distributors are often mostly focused on adding as many companies as possible to their portfolios, ZINT is focused on adding to your company’s success, finding the most profitable options to build, grow and manage your business in our market. So whether acting as Agent, Distributor or Regional Subsidiary, the ZINT approach is to execute customer-specific programs, either working under our own name or that of a supported company. If you are looking for the best way to build, grow and manage your business operations in Croatia and neighboring markets, or just looking to buy or sell goods and services internationally, the hands-on experience and knowledge you need to get the job done is already available through ZINT.


Delivering excellent service to our customers by offering only what we do best and doing it with integrity.

Krunoslav Blaskovic


Nothing is more convincing than our accomplishments

As you browse through our website you will discover who we are, what we can do for our customers and just what our competencies are all about. These competencies are of no use until they are translated into real and measurable benefits to our principals and clients.

OUR Services

Even if you have available personnel to manage your day-to-day business, the skills and perspectives needed to grow international business are different than those needed to maintain current business. While it may seem cost-effective to use these same people, in the long term, bringing in the right expertise can result in more rapid growth and better cost management. Since the process of trade liberalization in the ex-Yugoslavian countries, it became one of our major activities to provide range of tailored sales, marketing and consulting services to companies interested in Croatian and neighbouring markets, including:
Business Representation / Agency Services
General Product Distribution, import and export
International trade consulting
Market analysis
Manufacturing outsourcing

Furthermore, since 1995 we have been successfully and continuously sourcing European and Asian consumer and industrial products, helping our clients to avoid costly and time-consuming activity of finding the right supplier among thousands of manufacturers.



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If you are interested in a brief confidential discussion on how ZINT might best represent your company, please click on the email address below and provide your contact information and an outline of what you would like to do and where you would like to do it.


Pirovec gornji 17, HR-10000 Zagreb

Incorporated in 1990 at The Commercial Court in Zagreb (Reg. Nr. 080167794)

Founding capital: HRK 20.000,00 fully paid-up

IBAN HR5623600001101480728, Zagrebacka banka, Zagreb

Board: Krunoslav Blaskovic